Jason Diller

SVP, Growth

Jason, known around the office as just “Diller,” is a certified expert in all areas of marketing. With experience ranging from corporate marketing positions at GAP Inc., Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch, Jason has spent the last 15 years understanding people, products and fine tuning every process along the way.

As local-grown talent, Jason graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

What I do here

As the SVP, I pretty much focus on a few things: our clients’ marketing and business metrics, leading an amazing team of marketers and continuing to position The DSM Group as one of the best marketing agencies in the NJ/NYC area.

I spend a lot of time creating strategies, fine tuning tactics and diving deep into big data. But don’t worry about me, I’m an awesome swimmer.

Who I am

I’ll start with this… I’m in love. My fiancée’s name is Maria and she’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. She’s as kind as she is wise. (She must be smart, she chose me, right?)

People would describe me as smart, confident, hardworking and witty. I’m pretty sarcastic, but deep down, I’m a solid guy that loves my family, my friends, my job and the people I work with. I feel blessed everyday.

What I’m into

I like fast cars, the beach, R&B and Hip Hop music. I’m also better at table tennis than anyone at your office. Don’t believe me? Reach out on twitter and let’s set up a time to play. Bring your money, leave your pride at home.

I read a lot of books… mostly about marketing, branding, leadership and management. I’ve probably learned more in the last 4 years than I did in the previous 10. I’m obsessed with learning… getting better… mastering the craft of mastering things. #kaizen


HubSpot Sales Software Certification
HubSpot Sales Certification