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Leon Grassi

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Leon has found a home at DSM where he can effectively leverage his expertise in marketing strategy and business development. From big agency beginnings, Leon cultivated a career of being progressive – regardless of the industry. Through media, publishing, IT and financial services, he honed his skills at business and ultimately relationship development. His drive is simple – hard work is almost always the answer.

What I Do Here

Tom Smykowski from Office Space said it best – “I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people!” Different context than Tom of course, but when you strip away the desks, cubicles, laptops and pocket-protectors, business is very simply about people and their drive to be successful. I develop marketing strategies that aim to achieve realistic goals based on an understanding of people. I often cite common sense as a skill-set and in practice this can be a powerful tool.

As the Marketing Director for DSM I contribute to overall strategy and the development of new business. We are picky – and seek like-minded clients who embrace our willingness to push boundaries and make noise. So…why don’t you come make some noise with us?!?!

Who I Am

I operate on two mantras: The key to happiness is learning to let go and imagination is more important than knowledge. I try to carry these with me as I live what I hope is a full and meaningful life. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a son. I am a brother. And I am hopefully building a legacy through my last name which I can leave proudly to my kids. I’m a Bergen County boy, living in Mahwah with my crew. I love wine, music, tinkering and dancing…not necessarily in that order, or maybe definitely in that order.

What I’m In To

I’m really into my kids – they keep my mind in the right place and I genuinely enjoy watching them learn from everything around them. I’m also a pretty big gearhead, if it’s got a motor I want to drive it. Also style and fashion. Looking put together is a passion of mine.

Get in touch

If you like never-ending office improvement projects, reliving the glory days and perfecting the slick back, reach out to Leon below.